importance of practice in demo trading

So friends best forex robot is only become a best when you try it in demo and understang it that how can it works.

trading in demo


There are many different brokers and as we trade in Article 8 “Forex brokers and where they fit into the market” are the link between Forex market users and liquidity providers that facilitate trading on their behalf. platforms.

The trading platform is what the user sees and experiences at their daily business meetings. Some brokers have the capital to build their own trading platforms, while others use white-label products that personalize them and others simply buy a license to buy a platform like MetaQuotes Software Corp.’s MetaTrader. use.

Given the wide variety of intermediaries and the larger number of platforms, it is strongly recommended to know the characteristics and quality of each platform by sharing fictitious funds before real funds are committed.

I hope you learned candlestick pattern in my previous article if not then read it now.