Playstation PS4 games for 11 years old kids

So your kiddos are old enough to know that their controllers aren’t actually plugged while you were letting them pretend to play. Now what? You probably don’t want them playing your Overwatch game just so you can hear your heart audibly break when they plummet your score, so it’s time to get them some fun PlayStation 4 games of their own! Heck, even if new ps4 games you don’t have children these games are still pretty fun for adults.

PS4 games for kids

We all remember what it was like to rip the plastic off of our brand new Crash Bandicoot game for the original PlayStation. After school we all spent hours on end beating the levels, looking for the secret floors and trying to collect all of the gem shards. Well now for as low as $33.49 delicious Wumpa fruits you can have the entire trilogy to pass down the legacy of defeating Dr. Neo Cortex before he can take over the world.
Get your kids collecting all of those delicious Wumpa fruit to gain lives and spin their way to the top! You can even make it a family adventure and show them all the neat tricks you remember!

Any of the LEGO games are perfect for all ages. The stories and objectives are easy enough for your children to follow along to, and fun enough for you to want to plug in your own controller to play with them. That means this game isn’t just a perfect reward system for your child to earn time playing for their good grades, it’s also a great bonding experience.

Video Games

It’s hard to beat the price of $14.98 for a game that will go on and on like this one. Boost your child’s creativity by having them build their own world from the ground up with LEGO Worlds!
This side-scrolling platform game is sure to grab the attention of anyone. Much like Sonic your goal is to get to the finish line on the other side of the map, but instead of collecting coins you are saving fury friends from impending upcoming ps4 games doom. For $23.99 on Amazon you can be the proud owner of Rayman Legends, which is the best Rayman game to date. Not only have they upped their gameplay and graphics, but not much can get you more pumped than running from bad guys to the tune of Black Betty by Ram Jam.